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Good News for Bikers, Bad News for Thiefs

Thanks to a NYC law that requires buildings with freight elevators to provide bike storage if a tenant asks, more and more commercial buildings have begun renovating unused storage areas to create indoor bike storage for the city’s ever growing … Continue reading

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Shedding Light on Energy Reform

We’ve been hearing about low energy emitting light bulbs for years, but until now, the US has made no real effort to promote them. However by the year 2014, the United States plans to eliminate “most traditional incandescent lighting” in … Continue reading

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Megadrought Part 2?

In the ever evolving research on climate change, scientists think they have have found new, and ominous, data to support theories of a megadrought in the the US Southwest in the second century, driest stretch lasting for 25 years from A.D. 148 to 173. … Continue reading

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The World’s Going Hopping Mad

In what seems like an act of the biblical plague, scientists are predicting that, because of world wide climate change, countries like Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, southeastern Colombia, eastern Peru and southern Venezuela can expect to experience huge American Bullfrog invasions by … Continue reading

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Human No. 7,000,000,000

According to the United Nations, the world population topped 7 billion on Monday October 31 (what a great Halloween treat- or trick, depending on how you feel about over population…) While it is of course impossible to pinpoint the exact … Continue reading

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US Pro Sports Go Green

In a duel effort to cut costs and repercussions on the environment, many United States professional sports teams and organizations have been making changes to green-ify their arenas, stadiums, courts and race tracks. Baseball teams are installing solar canapes and … Continue reading

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NYC Fails to Step Up its Green Game

While other urban cities around the US are making strides in the recycling and waste management departments, New York City appears to be moving backwards. NYC has made vast improvements in other greening techniques such as smoking regulations, organic food … Continue reading

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