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Australia Helps the Fish

Australia began the first steps to create the world’s biggest marine park on Friday. The new park in the Coral Sea will cover almost 1 million square kilometers off of Australia’s northwest coast, the Environmental News Network reported.  It will … Continue reading

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Unwelcome Biodiversity in Prospect Park?

Some living thing is thriving in the Prospect Park lake, now  “a breeding ground for a dangerous bacteria that’s been known to kill animals and sicken humans,” the Post claims. “Cyanobacteria have been insidiously multiplying on the lake since the … Continue reading

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A Little Guilt to Go With Your Sushi, Now With Less Radiation

According to a new report from the Pew Environment Group, countries around the globe are vastly over-fishing Blue Fin tuna, exceeding international quotas by tens of thousands of metric tons.  Last year, the gap between the quota and the actual … Continue reading

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Fish with Hands!

Nine new species have been named within the handfish family (which I had no idea even existed) among them is the four-inch pink handfish which uses its fins to walk, not swim, across the ocean floor. Only four pink handfish … Continue reading

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