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“Overnight I Became a Sun-Worshipper”

Archeologists from the University of Birmingham have discovered two ancient fire pits along the periphery of Stonehenge that suggest the site had been used for sun-worship long before the icon monoliths were ever erected. The UK’s Independent explains how scientists … Continue reading

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NYS Annual Recycling Conference This Week

The 22nd Annual New York State Recycling Conference is taking place on November 16 and 17 in Cooperstown, NY.  The conference is held in conjunction with the New York State Association of Reduction, Reuse and Recycling (NYSAR3) and the New … Continue reading

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Megadrought Part 2?

In the ever evolving research on climate change, scientists think they have have found new, and ominous, data to support theories of a megadrought in the the US Southwest in the second century, driest stretch lasting for 25 years from A.D. 148 to 173. … Continue reading

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Climate Justice Day At Occupy Wall Street

Demonstrators in Zuccotti Park hosted workshops and “teach-ins” on sustainable economics and fracking this Sunday for the first Climate Justice Day of the Occupy Wall Street movement, Grist reports.  Two weeks ago, Grist had asked their readers what they thought about Occupy Wall Street, and they … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Bridge Park Goes Sustainable

Beautiful Earth Group is bringing sustainability to Brooklyn Bridge Park. The organization is responsible for the opening of the New York Center for Sustainable Energy (NYCSE) at Pier 1 in the park. NYCSE is the first net zero educational center … Continue reading

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World Population Hits 7 Billion

By Halloween night, the human population will reach seven billion, according to the U.N. Population Fund. “In Western Europe, Japan and Russia, it will be an ironic milestone amid worries about low birthrates and aging populations,” David Carry writes for … Continue reading

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NYPL Sponsors Green Programs

I took the kids that I babysit to the Seward Park library on the Lower East Side yesterday. As we were checking out our books, I saw a flier for upcoming community programs sponsored by the New York Public Library … Continue reading

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