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Self-Indulgence and the City

I would never consider anyone an environmentalist for the simple fact that they live in an urban area.  I wouldn’t call myself such for residing where I do, and I would never expect otherwise from anyone else. But, David Owen, … Continue reading

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“You’re an excessively skilled blogger.”

A little while ago, Sophia Kelley from the New York EPA posted a conventionally ambivalent reflection on OWS, which had for a while been going on in Zuccotti Park a few  blocks from their office. It was the first time they … Continue reading

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A Solution to Finals Week Stress?

Are you stressed about finals? You should find a bench on a busy street and breathe in the fumes. A study conducted at Tel Aviv University showed that carbon monoxide emissions from cars lead to less stress, according to Environment … Continue reading

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Fines for Throwing Out Batteries

Don’t throw your rechargeable batteries away! Or at least don’t do it knowingly. Batteries can be hazardous to the environment if they are thrown away with the rest of your trash, so a New York law that just went into … Continue reading

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Unwelcome Biodiversity in Prospect Park?

Some living thing is thriving in the Prospect Park lake, now  “a breeding ground for a dangerous bacteria that’s been known to kill animals and sicken humans,” the Post claims. “Cyanobacteria have been insidiously multiplying on the lake since the … Continue reading

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Dispatch From a Family Living Off the Grid

In July, Susannah Hopkins Leisher took off with her husband and three kids to live ‘off-the-grid’ in Maine, leaving behind their suburban New Jersey home for a wooded mountaintop cottage. “We can see to the horizon about 35 miles distant, … Continue reading

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NYC and LI Hit the Peak of Fall Foliage!

A stroll through New York City right now is full of vibrant oranges, shocking reds, and brilliant yellows. Upper New York State might be past the peak of fall foliage colors, but New York City and Long Island are hitting … Continue reading

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