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How to Have a Green Holiday Season

The holidays are just around the corner.  It’s coming up on that time of year full of eating, gift giving, candel lighting, family seeing, and decorating.  This isn’t only the biggest holiday season of the year, its the time of … Continue reading

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Is the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Really Green?

The Christmas tree at Rockefeller has green pine needles, but is it really green? In 2007, the Christmas tree went environmentally green for the first time in its history since 1933.  Today, the management of Rockefeller Center continues to market … Continue reading

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Were to Buy Locally Sourced Christmas Trees

We can all be thankful Turkey day is over. It’s finally time we start listening to “The Christmas Song” on repeat (embittering Jews, etc.) and shopping ourselves to death. If you survived, aren’t broke and are feeling particularly festive, GrowNYC … Continue reading

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Turkey Feast

One farm has a different twist on Thanksgiving. Last week, when most were eating turkeys, Farm Sanctuary was feeding them, according to the New York Times. Rather than making turkeys the centerpiece of the meal, they feed rescued turkeys. The … Continue reading

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Wild Turkey Overpopulation in Staten Island Conveniently Reported in Early November

“The turkeys keep coming and coming and coming. They never stop,” Suloa Perasevic, 37, of Ocean Breeze told the Daily News. A riveting piece of journalism published in today’s News says wild turkeys of Staten Island “are multiplying – and getting … Continue reading

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Coca-Cola Goes Green…. Well…WHITE!

The Coca-Cola Company has always had a very tight relationship with polar bears … For this reason, as en effort to promote environmental consciousness and as a dedication to one of the animal species that is most suffering from climate … Continue reading

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Making Sure the Pumpkin Shortage Never Happens Again!

This August, Hurricane Irene put a huge dent in the pumpkin harvest, flooding hundreds of pumpkin patches across the the Northeast, causing wholesale prices to double in some places, potentially limiting the number of jack-o-lanterns littering stoops across the city, … Continue reading

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