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Samantha is a journalism and French major at NYU.

Rabid raccoons roaming around

They won’t turn over your trash cans, but NYC raccoons could still infect you with rabies. According to the NY Times ‘City Room’ blog, dead rabid raccoon carcasses have been found in Prospect Park and Boerum Hill and pose a … Continue reading

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Cute of the Day: Real Live Firefoxes

From Gawker: Did you know the titular “firefox” of web browser “Mozilla Firefox” is not a pyromaniac fox, but a red panda? To clarify this, Mozilla has embarked on the cutest marketing ploy ever: adopting baby firefoxes and putting them … Continue reading

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Environmentalism as currency

New York state made $16.9 million in an auction of carbon emission allowances, reported the NY Times ‘Green’ blog. More than 80 percent of the auction proceeds are supposed to be invested in energy-saving programs. Gov. David A. Paterson set … Continue reading

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Recycling as therapy

In May, the NY Times reported that recycling has taken a turn for the violent. Artist David Belt’s invitation-only installation, named “Glassphemy!,” allowed participants to throw glass bottles that smash and trigger flashing lights. The Times calls it “eco-friendly aggression.” … Continue reading

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Where does your Starbucks cup end up?

In this post on NY Times ‘Green’ blog, I learned that most paper recyclers don’t accept Starbucks cups because of the thin layer of plastic coating that makes them waterproof. Because Starbucks puts out 1 billion paper and 1 billion … Continue reading

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The geese are back!

After the outrage resulting from the July slaughter of 400 Canadian geese, Prospect Park officials are trying to find more humane ways to get rid of the birds, reports the NY Times’ City Room blog. Some proposals: Establishing a No-Feed … Continue reading

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Red-Tails on TV

I wonder if Marie Winn got a cut of this week’s plot on ABC’s “Castle”…a murder over nesting red-tailed hawks and the Boathouse log! Watch the episode, “Murder Most Fowl” here.

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