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Arsty farsty fun

By now, you may have heard about the new exhibit at the New Museum. If you haven’t, I have two words for you: Big. Slide. On October 26th, the New Museum opened German artist Carsten Holler’s “Experience,” a compilation of … Continue reading

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Late leaf-peeping opportunities

Lately, my New Hampshire roots have ached to see some fall foliage. Growing up, I grew accustomed to the leaves’ seasonal change of color from green to a mix of burnt orange, brown, and red. Moving to the city helped … Continue reading

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You think you know, but you have no idea…

How to recycle. Recently, my roommates and I realized we may not be recycling correctly. Turns out, we weren’t – we failed to separate cardboard items from metal/foil items. Don’t be a faulty recycler!¬†For a no-fail guide on how to … Continue reading

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World population to reach new heights in the coming week

A few days ago, the New York Times published an opinion article stating that the world population will reach an estimated 7 billion a week from October 23rd, according to UN estimates. The author, Joel E. Cohen, explains the continual … Continue reading

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Mysterious illness plagues Alaskan seals

Several days ago, The Associated Press [via Washington Post]¬†reported a large handful of ringed seals had been found along the Alaskan shore with a mysterious illness. According to the article, 107 seals appeared along the Beaufort sea coast with “lesions, … Continue reading

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Got grass?

No, not that kind. If you’re searching for a refreshing kick to your diet, or a healthy, natural snack for your pets, look no further than Stewart Borowsky, or as he’s coined himself – “The Grassman.” Borowsky is a bespectacled … Continue reading

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