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Australia Helps the Fish

Australia began the first steps to create the world’s biggest marine park on Friday. The new park in the Coral Sea will cover almost 1 million square kilometers off of Australia’s northwest coast, the Environmental News Network reported.  It will … Continue reading

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Unwelcome Biodiversity in Prospect Park?

Some living thing is thriving in the Prospect Park lake, now  “a breeding ground for a dangerous bacteria that’s been known to kill animals and sicken humans,” the Post claims. “Cyanobacteria have been insidiously multiplying on the lake since the … Continue reading

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Haunted Pumpkins in the Garden

The New York Botanical Garden will be haunted for the month of October. In honor of Halloween, the Botanical Garden will feature all sorts of pumpkin sculptures by artist Michael Natiello.  Sculptures will feature scarecrows, spiders, snakes, and so much … Continue reading

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And you thought the Hudson was bad…

Calling New Jersey “the garden state” always seemed a little strange to me, but now that “rapid development” is draining more fertilizers and pesticides into the NJ waterways, it’s time to change the name on the license plate. Read the … Continue reading

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Greening the city

New York City residents produce more than 1.3 billion gallons of wastewater every day. As part of his PlaNYC, Mayor Bloomberg announced a new green infrastructure plan to reduce sewage overflow after heavy rains like the storms we’ve been experiencing … Continue reading

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“The smallest of aquatic soldiers”

  A Queens newspaper reported that the NYC Dept. of Environmental Protection is using oysters to remove nitrogen from the polluted Jamaica Bay. Jamaica Bay is composed of 31 square miles of marshland and open water. Apparently, 70 percent of … Continue reading

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Sand Art

Though this isn’t a New York based story, I thought that this was an exemplary profile of an nature artist with a twist. Meet Jim Denevan, an artist who uses sticks, rakes, and other simple tools to create large scale … Continue reading

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