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Increased Productivity, Economic Benefits from Lower Pollution, Study Shows

The Republican perennial assault on the already underfunded, inept Environmental Protection Agency usually calls for looser regulations by spreading the scare of economic strain and job loss as a result of stricter ones. A new study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research shows lower … Continue reading

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Recycling Receipts could be Dangerous

Try not to handle your receipts too much. According to the New York Times Green Blog, a recent study shows that the chemical known as bisphenol-A (BPA) can be absorbed into your skin by just handling a receipt because of … Continue reading

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Human No. 7,000,000,000

According to the United Nations, the world population topped 7 billion on Monday October 31 (what a great Halloween treat- or trick, depending on how you feel about over population…) While it is of course impossible to pinpoint the exact … Continue reading

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A Little Guilt to Go With Your Sushi, Now With Less Radiation

According to a new report from the Pew Environment Group, countries around the globe are vastly over-fishing Blue Fin tuna, exceeding international quotas by tens of thousands of metric tons.  Last year, the gap between the quota and the actual … Continue reading

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Making Sure the Pumpkin Shortage Never Happens Again!

This August, Hurricane Irene put a huge dent in the pumpkin harvest, flooding hundreds of pumpkin patches across the the Northeast, causing wholesale prices to double in some places, potentially limiting the number of jack-o-lanterns littering stoops across the city, … Continue reading

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World Population Hits 7 Billion

By Halloween night, the human population will reach seven billion, according to the U.N. Population Fund. “In Western Europe, Japan and Russia, it will be an ironic milestone amid worries about low birthrates and aging populations,” David Carry writes for … Continue reading

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Look Up! Rare Cloud Pictures

Trolling the internet leads you to some interesting websites.  Here is one from a blog that features pictures of ten of the rarest cloud formations. These are some of the most interesting pictures. Mammatus Clouds: These clouds are formed by … Continue reading

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