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“Overnight I Became a Sun-Worshipper”

Archeologists from the University of Birmingham have discovered two ancient fire pits along the periphery of Stonehenge that suggest the site had been used for sun-worship long before the icon monoliths were ever erected. The UK’s Independent explains how scientists … Continue reading

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NYC and LI Hit the Peak of Fall Foliage!

A stroll through New York City right now is full of vibrant oranges, shocking reds, and brilliant yellows. Upper New York State might be past the peak of fall foliage colors, but New York City and Long Island are hitting … Continue reading

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Late leaf-peeping opportunities

Lately, my New Hampshire roots have ached to see some fall foliage. Growing up, I grew accustomed to the leaves’ seasonal change of color from green to a mix of burnt orange, brown, and red. Moving to the city helped … Continue reading

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Early Snow Makes a Mess of Central Park

The record early snowstorm this past Saturday has made a mess of Central Park just days before the annual New York City Marathon on Sunday. The Central Park Conservatory is rushing to prepare the park for the race. ┬áNine crews … Continue reading

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Making Sure the Pumpkin Shortage Never Happens Again!

This August, Hurricane Irene put a huge dent in the pumpkin harvest, flooding hundreds of pumpkin patches across the the Northeast, causing wholesale prices to double in some places, potentially limiting the number of jack-o-lanterns littering stoops across the city, … Continue reading

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Look Up! Rare Cloud Pictures

Trolling the internet leads you to some interesting websites. ┬áHere is one from a blog that features pictures of ten of the rarest cloud formations. These are some of the most interesting pictures. Mammatus Clouds: These clouds are formed by … Continue reading

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Seaport loses its Christmas cheer…or does it?

Yesterday, the NY Times reported that the South Street Seaport’s 50-foot Christmas tree was knocked down by some pretty intense winds. The tree snapped about eight feet from the base, but luckily tree-care specialists determined it could be successfully remounted, … Continue reading

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