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Early Snow Makes a Mess of Central Park

The record early snowstorm this past Saturday has made a mess of Central Park just days before the annual New York City Marathon on Sunday. The Central Park Conservatory is rushing to prepare the park for the race.  Nine crews … Continue reading

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Wings Among the Skyscrapers

One of New York’s celebrity couples is still around and flying strong… literally. Fifth Avenue’s Red-Tail Hawks, Pale Male and Lima, had a surprise visit from their youngster, Stinker-One, on Sunday, Oct. 10. Here are the newest pictures of the … Continue reading

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Can’t afford a hotel? Climb a Central Park Tree!

On Saturday, the New York Times published a story called “Finding a Bed Among Central Park’s Trees” about twin movie makers Cory and Dana Foht who have spent around 20 nights in hammocks in one of the Park’s elm trees. … Continue reading

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Central Park’s Predecessor

Last Saturday as I walked down West 83rd into Central Park I had no idea what to expect from the 6pm congregation to “Remember Seneca Village.” Seven women: Lise Brenner choreographer and writer, Emily Gallagher public educator, Imani Uzuri composer, … Continue reading

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Seneca Village

Seneca Village does not exist at all anymore. It is a figment of Central Park’s imaginative past.  There are little to no records of it’s people, community life, or anything else having to do with it’s history. However, it contains … Continue reading

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Foraging in Central Park

“Wildman” Steve Brill has been leading foraging tours in Central Park and other areas for 28 years. Even children get involved in the tasting and collecting process. Brill also leads school tours and presentations. [photos from Oct. 2 tour]

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