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A living, breathing metropolis

Scientists in England are hard at work developing building materials that could not only reduce harmful carbon emissions, but actually use chemicals to convert CO2 in the surrounding air into benign substances, keeping them out of the Earth’s atmosphere. The … Continue reading

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Rhode Island town is losing its “iconic” trees

The town of Newport, R.I. faces an unexpected shortage of urban greenery as its formerly lush population of European beech trees begins to succumb to old age. They were originally planted en masse over 120 years ago during a financial … Continue reading

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Ohio town accidentally re-enacts “Jumanji”

Several exotic and possibly dangerous animals escaped from a wild animal park in Zanesville, OH on Tuesday. The owner of the park, Terry Thompson, was discovered dead on Monday, and though authorities cannot identify the cause of death, they speculate … Continue reading

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A Deer Swims in Brooklyn

Last Week, the New York Times City Room blog┬áreported┬áthat three adult deer had been found under “unpleasant and mysterious conditions” in the waters beneath the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge, on the Brooklyn side. One deer struggled in the water, its legs bound … Continue reading

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