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Fines for Throwing Out Batteries

Don’t throw your rechargeable batteries away! Or at least don’t do it knowingly. Batteries can be hazardous to the environment if they are thrown away with the rest of your trash, so a New York law that just went into … Continue reading

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How to Have a Green Holiday Season

The holidays are just around the corner.  It’s coming up on that time of year full of eating, gift giving, candel lighting, family seeing, and decorating.  This isn’t only the biggest holiday season of the year, its the time of … Continue reading

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NYS Annual Recycling Conference This Week

The 22nd Annual New York State Recycling Conference is taking place on November 16 and 17 in Cooperstown, NY.  The conference is held in conjunction with the New York State Association of Reduction, Reuse and Recycling (NYSAR3) and the New … Continue reading

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Get Help Going Green

Do you need help going green? Eco-concierges can show you how to break into the lifestyle–for a price. Forget transitioning, if you have about $175 a month or $25 to $50 an hour to spare, you can get tips, maid … Continue reading

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Recycling Receipts could be Dangerous

Try not to handle your receipts too much. According to the New York Times Green Blog, a recent study shows that the chemical known as bisphenol-A (BPA) can be absorbed into your skin by just handling a receipt because of … Continue reading

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Seven Recycled Products that could be part of your Car

Car companies are jumping on the sustainability bandwagon. Several car companies are incorporating recycled goods as part of the manufacturing of their vehicles.  Ford, Toyota, Mazda, GM, Chevy, Honda and Nissan are the leading companies in this recycling revolution. Did … Continue reading

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US Pro Sports Go Green

In a duel effort to cut costs and repercussions on the environment, many United States professional sports teams and organizations have been making changes to green-ify their arenas, stadiums, courts and race tracks. Baseball teams are installing solar canapes and … Continue reading

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