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A Solution to Finals Week Stress?

Are you stressed about finals? You should find a bench on a busy street and breathe in the fumes. A study conducted at Tel Aviv University showed that carbon monoxide emissions from cars lead to less stress, according to Environment … Continue reading

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Fines for Throwing Out Batteries

Don’t throw your rechargeable batteries away! Or at least don’t do it knowingly. Batteries can be hazardous to the environment if they are thrown away with the rest of your trash, so a New York law that just went into … Continue reading

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Have you seen his parrot?

One Brooklyn man lost his talented parrot this weekend. His opera singing bird flew off of his shoulder while they were bike riding, according to the New York Post. It is a performing parrot that loves to sing for the … Continue reading

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Turkey Feast

One farm has a different twist on Thanksgiving. Last week, when most were eating turkeys, Farm Sanctuary was feeding them, according to the New York Times. Rather than making turkeys the centerpiece of the meal, they feed rescued turkeys. The … Continue reading

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Canine Flu Hitting New York

Protect your pups now. The canine flu is spreading throughout the city and surrounding areas. Though it isn’t deadly, it can make your pet vulnerable to other bacteria. Vets recommend a flu vaccine for dogs that will be near others … Continue reading

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Africa Is Short One More Species

Last Thursday, conservation groups announced that the Western Black Rhino of Africa has reached extinction.  In the newly released list by the International Union for Conservation of nature, this subspecies of rhino was declared extinct while two others were shown … Continue reading

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A Taste of New York City in your Beer

Brooklyn artist Andrew Casner is taking urban gardening to another level. Instead of the usual flowers or vegetables, he’s planting hops, an ingredient in beer that adds flavor. According to The New York Times, he planted it for two reasons, … Continue reading

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