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How to Have a Green Holiday Season

The holidays are just around the corner.  It’s coming up on that time of year full of eating, gift giving, candel lighting, family seeing, and decorating.  This isn’t only the biggest holiday season of the year, its the time of … Continue reading

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Is the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Really Green?

The Christmas tree at Rockefeller has green pine needles, but is it really green? In 2007, the Christmas tree went environmentally green for the first time in its history since 1933.  Today, the management of Rockefeller Center continues to market … Continue reading

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Shedding Light on Energy Reform

We’ve been hearing about low energy emitting light bulbs for years, but until now, the US has made no real effort to promote them. However by the year 2014, the United States plans to eliminate “most traditional incandescent lighting” in … Continue reading

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Increased Productivity, Economic Benefits from Lower Pollution, Study Shows

The Republican perennial assault on the already underfunded, inept Environmental Protection Agency usually calls for looser regulations by spreading the scare of economic strain and job loss as a result of stricter ones. A new study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research shows lower … Continue reading

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BP All Set to Drill in the Gulf Again

British Petroleum will be drilling seven new exploratory wells in the Gulf of Mexico next year, Green blog reports. The Obama administration gave the oil giant a drilling permit last week, saying “BP has met all of the enhanced safety requirements that we have … Continue reading

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Climate Justice Day At Occupy Wall Street

Demonstrators in Zuccotti Park hosted workshops and “teach-ins” on sustainable economics and fracking this Sunday for the first Climate Justice Day of the Occupy Wall Street movement, Grist reports.  Two weeks ago, Grist had asked their readers what they thought about Occupy Wall Street, and they … Continue reading

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Seven Recycled Products that could be part of your Car

Car companies are jumping on the sustainability bandwagon. Several car companies are incorporating recycled goods as part of the manufacturing of their vehicles.  Ford, Toyota, Mazda, GM, Chevy, Honda and Nissan are the leading companies in this recycling revolution. Did … Continue reading

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