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“Overnight I Became a Sun-Worshipper”

Archeologists from the University of Birmingham have discovered two ancient fire pits along the periphery of Stonehenge that suggest the site had been used for sun-worship long before the icon monoliths were ever erected. The UK’s Independent explains how scientists … Continue reading

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Were to Buy Locally Sourced Christmas Trees

We can all be thankful Turkey day is over. It’s finally time we start listening to “The Christmas Song” on repeat (embittering Jews, etc.) and shopping ourselves to death. If you survived, aren’t broke and are feeling particularly festive, GrowNYC … Continue reading

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Have you seen his parrot?

One Brooklyn man lost his talented parrot this weekend. His opera singing bird flew off of his shoulder while they were bike riding, according to the New York Post. It is a performing parrot that loves to sing for the … Continue reading

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Turkey Feast

One farm has a different twist on Thanksgiving. Last week, when most were eating turkeys, Farm Sanctuary was feeding them, according to the New York Times. Rather than making turkeys the centerpiece of the meal, they feed rescued turkeys. The … Continue reading

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Unwelcome Biodiversity in Prospect Park?

Some living thing is thriving in the Prospect Park lake, now  “a breeding ground for a dangerous bacteria that’s been known to kill animals and sicken humans,” the Post claims. “Cyanobacteria have been insidiously multiplying on the lake since the … Continue reading

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Dispatch From a Family Living Off the Grid

In July, Susannah Hopkins Leisher took off with her husband and three kids to live ‘off-the-grid’ in Maine, leaving behind their suburban New Jersey home for a wooded mountaintop cottage. “We can see to the horizon about 35 miles distant, … Continue reading

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Africa Is Short One More Species

Last Thursday, conservation groups announced that the Western Black Rhino of Africa has reached extinction.  In the newly released list by the International Union for Conservation of nature, this subspecies of rhino was declared extinct while two others were shown … Continue reading

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