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Dispatch From a Family Living Off the Grid

In July, Susannah Hopkins Leisher took off with her husband and three kids to live ‘off-the-grid’ in Maine, leaving behind their suburban New Jersey home for a wooded mountaintop cottage. “We can see to the horizon about 35 miles distant, … Continue reading

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Can’t afford a hotel? Climb a Central Park Tree!

On Saturday, the New York Times published a story called “Finding a Bed Among Central Park’s Trees” about twin movie makers Cory and Dana Foht who have spent around 20 nights in hammocks in one of the Park’s elm trees. … Continue reading

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The Cove

I’m sure you’ve heard of “save the dolphins!” What about “save the humans from mercury poisoning?” Well, the Oscar-winning documentary, The Cove, does a little bit of both. Director Louie Psihoyos takes his viewers through a suspenseful journey to acquire evidence of what … Continue reading

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