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NYC and LI Hit the Peak of Fall Foliage!

A stroll through New York City right now is full of vibrant oranges, shocking reds, and brilliant yellows. Upper New York State might be past the peak of fall foliage colors, but New York City and Long Island are hitting … Continue reading

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How “Green” are Marathons

With the New York City Marathon just are the corner, on Sunday to be exact, the question comes up as to how green marathons might be. According to an article on Mother Jones, marathons generate a lot of waste. ¬†Especially … Continue reading

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Late leaf-peeping opportunities

Lately, my New Hampshire roots have ached to see some fall foliage. Growing up, I grew accustomed to the leaves’ seasonal change of color from green to a mix of burnt orange, brown, and red. Moving to the city helped … Continue reading

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Early Snow Makes a Mess of Central Park

The record early snowstorm this past Saturday has made a mess of Central Park just days before the annual New York City Marathon on Sunday. The Central Park Conservatory is rushing to prepare the park for the race. ¬†Nine crews … Continue reading

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Wings Among the Skyscrapers

One of New York’s celebrity couples is still around and flying strong… literally. Fifth Avenue’s Red-Tail Hawks, Pale Male and Lima, had a surprise visit from their youngster, Stinker-One, on Sunday, Oct. 10. Here are the newest pictures of the … Continue reading

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Can’t afford a hotel? Climb a Central Park Tree!

On Saturday, the New York Times published a story called “Finding a Bed Among Central Park’s Trees” about twin movie makers Cory and Dana Foht who have spent around 20 nights in hammocks in one of the Park’s elm trees. … Continue reading

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Red-Tails on TV

I wonder if Marie Winn got a cut of this week’s plot on ABC’s “Castle”…a murder over nesting red-tailed hawks and the Boathouse log! Watch the episode, “Murder Most Fowl” here.

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