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Birdbath Bakery

Imagine a bakery with walls made of wheat and cups made from corn. Treats are made from organic ingredients and the staff wears recycled clothing. Sounds like a modern day Hansel-and-Gretel like treat house, right? Actually, it’s really not far … Continue reading

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Food Stories

Have you ever wondered where the grapes you had for a snack this afternoon were grown? What about those tomatoes that you chopped up into your salad? Were they grown in California or Chile? Harvestmark helps make the connection between … Continue reading

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Grow NYC presents Greenmarket Grains Week

Grow NYC is a community non-for-profit outreach program that aims to provide fresh produce to New Yorkers, create awareness about recycling and reducing waste, and encourage future generations to become environmental leaders through education. From November 14th-21st, they are hosting … Continue reading

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Craigslist for Gardeners

Have some extra planting space floating around your neighborhood? Want someone to plant a rooftop garden on your apartment? Do you have the urge to grow zucchini, tomatoes, and squash but no where to put them? Have no fear because … Continue reading

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Farming of the Future: The Dragonfly

Vertical farming is all the futuristic rage in urban agriculture. Imagine 100+ floors of greenhouse space, towering at the end of New York’s Roosevelt Island. The Dragonfly would produce locally grown produce and create renewable energy. Though many debate the … Continue reading

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Locavores Unite! A guide to NYC urban farms

New York Magazine’s guide to urban farms in the five boroughs tells you where to find local farms and gardens serving up fresh produce to the city’s 8.4 million inhabitants. A garden cultivated by prison inmates at Rikers? A mobile … Continue reading

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