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Brooklyn Bridge Park Goes Sustainable

Beautiful Earth Group is bringing sustainability to Brooklyn Bridge Park. The organization is responsible for the opening of the New York Center for Sustainable Energy (NYCSE) at Pier 1 in the park. NYCSE is the first net zero educational center … Continue reading

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Zero Footprint Shirt

In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, one man has designed the Zero Footprint Shirt. Dave Rittinger, an architect from Brooklyn, has created a shirt made entirely out of leaves and glue. According to his biography, Rittinger discovered that … Continue reading

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Grow NYC presents Greenmarket Grains Week

Grow NYC is a community non-for-profit outreach program that aims to provide fresh produce to New Yorkers, create awareness about recycling and reducing waste, and encourage future generations to become environmental leaders through education. From November 14th-21st, they are hosting … Continue reading

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Photographic Evidence That The Sky Is/Was Falling

  Last night, while suffering through the 90210 reboot with my roommate, we heard a strange sound. Kind of like the refrigerator was running, or the air conditioner had a pebble in it or something. We checked both, and found … Continue reading

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Pigeon Power

Did you know that there is a thriving pigeon raising and racing community in NYC? Listen to this radio report on the Bushwick birds hereĀ or watch this video here called The Pigeon Wars of Brooklyn.

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Not quite dead bodies, but…

The NY Times’ Green blog reported today that the recent storms flooded Gowanus Canal with raw sewage…yuck! This is riding on the back of Mayor Bloomberg’s $1.5 billion plan to reduce sewage in city waterways, which is supposed to save … Continue reading

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