A Little Guilt to Go With Your Sushi, Now With Less Radiation

Credit: Pew Environment Group

According to a new report from the Pew Environment Group, countries around the globe are vastly over-fishing Blue Fin tuna, exceeding international quotas by tens of thousands of metric tons.  Last year, the gap between the quota and the actual amount of tuna traded on the global market expanded to 141 percent.

For years now, according to National Geographic, the Blue Fin tuna has been nearing extinction.

Such deep-sea fish, popular at sushi restaurants, also happen to contain various amounts of mercury and radiation, which at certain levels can be toxic.

So the dead fish bites back. LUCKILY, somebody somewhere has invented the Fukushima Plate—a sushi platter that comes with a built-in radiation detector that glows when it detects significant amounts of radiation. Eat on.

Credit: Mother Jones



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One Response to A Little Guilt to Go With Your Sushi, Now With Less Radiation

  1. erikarroyo says:

    I’ve talked about this before. We are now faced with two problems, the extinction of my beloved Tuna and the slow extinction of our health.Thanks for such a great post.

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