Pampered Pets

As if pooches in New York didn’t have it good enough already, they can now get the royal treatment in Manhattan at New York Dog Nanny, a new doggie day care in Murray Hill.

This new ‘pet spa’ goes all out when it comes to pampering pups. Their specialities: Reiki massages and “essential” oil treatments.

Credit: Pet Pro Services

Cynthia Okimoto, the owner of New York Dog Nanny, has been studying Reiki–a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation — for about five years, using a neighborhood cat as her first client.

“Reiki’s a very intention-based healing method,” Okimoto told after performing a treatment on her Yorkie, Todo. “I just kind of set an intention to kind of relax the dog and heal whatever ailments the owner has specified beforehand.”

In addition to the Reiki, Okimoto’s establishment also offers essential oil treatments. She explained that they’re “like acupuncture but with oils.”


These must be some very happy canines…

Okimoto with a pooch (

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