Is the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Really Green?

The Christmas tree at Rockefeller has green pine needles, but is it really green?

In 2007, the Christmas tree went environmentally green for the first time in its history since 1933.  Today, the management of Rockefeller Center continues to market the tree as “green.”  To classify it as a “green” tree, it was cut down by a hand saw and it is lit using energy efficient LED lights to reduce energy use.

The Huffington Post argues that the tree should not be marketed as “green.”  They argue that despite the hand saw and LED lights that are being used, there are still many practices associated with this 78-year tradition that make it not so green of a tree.

The Huffington Post brings up that helicopters are used to fly over the Northeast in search for the perfect tree.  Once the prefect tree is found, it has to be trucked to the city no matter the distance away.  Once it’s brought to Rockefeller Center, it uses about 1,297 kilowatts a day of electricity to light the approximately 5 miles miles of lights.

So what do you think?  Is the tree really all that green?

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