How to Have a Green Holiday Season

The holidays are just around the corner.  It’s coming up on that time of year full of eating, gift giving, candel lighting, family seeing, and decorating.  This isn’t only the biggest holiday season of the year, its the time of the year when the electricity bills increase and a lot of waste is produced.

In order to help counter this never ending cycle, Green Christmas has put together some tips for making the holidays just as fun as usual and making them green

For those who like to decorate, Green Christmas offers ways in which to save and reduce the use of energy.  They suggest using LED lights, timed lights, not using household lights at the same time as holiday lights, and decorating with candles, which definitely reduce the use of electricity.

Green Christmas also offers up the idea of making your own holiday cards.  Normally holiday cards contribute to the cutting down of trees to make into various products such as cards.  Making your own cards allows you to use recycled materials to create the cards.  These are not only more from the heart, they are also a great way to reuse waste.  Check out some recycled card ideas at Keeper of the Home.

The website also suggests renting a Christmas tree.  Green Christmas argues that rented trees come from tree farms that plant a tree every time one is cut down.  The website argues against the purchasing of artificial Christmas trees because they say that too many resources are used to create the fake tree.

With these tips and many more, you can help to make your holidays a little greener.

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