Were to Buy Locally Sourced Christmas Trees

Wow. Isn't that majestic? Now cut 'er down! (Photo Credit: escobarshighlandfarm.com)

We can all be thankful Turkey day is over. It’s finally time we start listening to “The Christmas Song” on repeat (embittering Jews, etc.) and shopping ourselves to death.

If you survived, aren’t broke and are feeling particularly festive, GrowNYC put up a list of places to purchase “locally sourced” christmas trees for the holidays. To my knowledge, there are no pine tree farms in New York City. Trumansburg Tree Farms, Keith’s Farms, Van Houten Farms, all located within a 2-5 hour drive upstate, will be setting up shop in Union Square. Trumansburg will also have a satellite sight at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn.

It’s safe to assume these farms implement sustainable growing practices, but there seems to be more ethical alternatives to spruce up (sorry) your house for the dreary months.  Leo Hickman has come up with a few suggestions in a post questioning the ethics of the Christmas tree on The Guardian’s GreenBlog.

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