Levis’ Blue Jeans Go Green

According to a recent blog post by Practically Green, Levis is the top rated jeans brand with regard to environmental consciousness. Turns out, this famous brand has made a visible effort to better their practices in order to ensure the preservation of our planet.

"Life cycle of a jean" from Levis

Brianna Wolf from Levis told Practically Green:

Last year, we announced the Levi’s® Water<Less™ collection – denim finished in a way that uses significantly less water. Up to 96 percent less for some products.

As a result of this innovative process, we produced nearly 1.5 million pairs of jeans for this year’s spring line while saving 16 million liters of water.

But we knew we could do more. So we’ve been working with our suppliers around the globe to spread these water-saving techniques.

And we’re proud to say that the Levi’s® global collection now includes nearly 12 million jeans in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Since we introduced the Water<Less collection, we have saved 156 million liters of water around the world. That’s 60 million days of drinking water for communities in need.

Levis even modified the tag on their jeans:



It’s nice to know that some of the big players of the denim industry are taking the environmental route.

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