Wild Turkey Overpopulation in Staten Island Conveniently Reported in Early November

Photo: hayeshudsonshouseofhorror.blogspot.com

“The turkeys keep coming and coming and coming. They never stop,” Suloa Perasevic, 37, of Ocean Breeze told the Daily News.

A riveting piece of journalism published in today’s News says wild turkeys of Staten Island “are multiplying – and getting grouchy.” Oh boy. And residents of Ocean Breeze aren’t happy about it–the turkeys, that is.

The “menacing gobblers” have reportedly been “ornery,” “aggressive,” “curmudgeonly,” even “mean,” for God’s sake. The “turkey terror” has apparently been plaguing these poor, poor people since 1999.

“The filthy animals are like a gang,” Angela Foster, 63, told the News.
“They take over the street and yards and poop everywhere.” Dammit, yes, just like The Gangs!

But alas, city law protects wild turkeys from hunters.

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