No pipeline! No pipeline!

These weekend, protesters came together in Washington, D.C., asking President Obama to reject the proposed Keystone XL pipeline which is designed to carry petroleum from the Alberta tar sands in Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.

Associated Press

According to,

“The proposed $13 billion pipeline would spur the expansion of tar sands oil production, which has been dubbed “the most destructive project on Earth” for harvesting oil at a steep environmental cost, both locally and globally.”

Extracting oil from tar sands releases higher amounts of carbon than drilling for oil and environmentalists throughout the United States have gathered to voice their complaints.

According to the Winnipeg Free Press, some celebrities were spotted amidst the crowd including Mark Ruffalo and Jody Williams.

“”I voted for him (Obama) because he promised us change and he promised us we were going to be the generation to end tyranny, and now is his chance to come through.” -Ruffalo

There were over 10,000 protesters at the scene.

James Miller, a spokesman for the oil company responded:

“What these millionaire actors and professional activists don’t seem to understand is that saying no to Keystone means saying yes to more conflict oil from the Middle East and Venezuela filling American gas tanks,”

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