World population to reach new heights in the coming week

A few days ago, the New York Times published an opinion article stating that the world population will reach an estimated 7 billion a week from October 23rd, according to UN estimates.

The author, Joel E. Cohen, explains the continual population increase is due pronatalism, defined by as “the policy or practice of encouraging the bearing of children,especially government support of a higher birthrate.” This view was supported, over time, by various religious and government institutions.

Now, the author argues, that because of unintended births and lack of resources and space, this view should be traded in for one that encourages a slow growth rate – one that our spending can keep up with.

The author includes some startling statistics, as well. He includes, citing the USDA Economic Research Service,  that nearly half the world lives on less than $2 a day, and between 850 million to 925 million experience “food insecurity or chronic undernourishment.

Undoubtedly unnerving figures, considering the population increase expectancy.


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