Making Sure the Pumpkin Shortage Never Happens Again!

Photo Credit: LESLIE RENKEN / AP

This August, Hurricane Irene put a huge dent in the pumpkin harvest, flooding hundreds of pumpkin patches across the the Northeast, causing wholesale prices to double in some places, potentially limiting the number of jack-o-lanterns littering stoops across the city, according to Associated Press.

To make sure this never happens again, Michael Holdsworth, a professor of crop science at the University of Nottingham and author of a new study published in Nature, may have made the first step in a breakthrough method of developing flood-resistant plants, Ecocentric reports.

This method would be particularly useful in places like Thailand, where people have real problems. Floods this year have killed over 340 people and damaged more than 12% of the nation’s rice harvest. Water now covers more than a third of the entire country.

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