Brooklyn Bridge Park Goes Sustainable

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Beautiful Earth Group is bringing sustainability to Brooklyn Bridge Park.

The organization is responsible for the opening of the New York Center for Sustainable Energy (NYCSE) at Pier 1 in the park.

NYCSE is the first net zero educational center in New York City.  It was built to be entirely sustainable and operate completely off-grid, meaning that the center receives no outside power sources in order for it to operate.

NYCSE also collects and stores solar energy for Brooklyn Bridge Park’s daily operations such as charging the the park’s electric security and maintenance vehicles.

Beautiful Earth Group’s mission with NYCSE is to inform the public about clean energy by holding tours and educational programs for students and seminars, lectures and workshops for adults and teachers.

In addition to opening NYCSE in Brooklyn, Beautiful Earth Group is working to bring more NYCSE and EV charging stations to different parks across New York City.

Beautiful Earth Group is a sustainable energy developer and service provider based out of New York.  Beautiful Earth Group is also working on other sustainable projects around the world.

To read more about NYCSE in Brooklyn, check out this article on Market Watch.

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