The Fresh Fruit and Veggie Parade Heads to Wall Street

By Amy Schneider / Grist

According to Siena Chrisman, a contributing author at Grist, the local food movement should be a big part of Occupy Wall Street. The way she says it, “the food movement should occupy Wall Street”.

All over the country, food justice advocates are helping out Occupy Wall Street sites in different states by providing the movement with fresh and local foods. However, Chrisman supports the notion that food is a much bigger part of the movement:

 “On a broader philosophical level, as Mark Bittman writes in the Times, “Whether we’re talking about food, politics, health care, housing, the environment, or banking, the big question remains the same: How do we bring about fundamental change?”

The disproportionate wealth distribution in the U.S. clearly affects the question of food justice. How is it that half of the population can easily afford food and the other half must live off of food stamps (if they’re lucky)? Also, why are the healthier foods more expensive? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? In my opinion, with all the health consequences attached to it, junk food should be pricier and treated as a once in a while luxury while the healthy and organic foods should be the ones consumed daily for energy and a balanced diet.

Chrisman says:

“To change the food system, we need systemic change in financial institutions, regulation, corporate influence; we need a shift in power. For a movement that has long been waiting for its moment, uniting in common cause with Occupy Wall Street may be the way to finally build enough power to create the change we need.”

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