A Deer Swims in Brooklyn

Last Week, the New York Times City Room blog reported that three adult deer had been found under “unpleasant and mysterious conditions” in the waters beneath the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge, on the Brooklyn side. One deer struggled in the water, its legs bound together. Another attempted to escape into the water but the police succeeded in capturing both rogue animals. They were sent to Animal Care and Control, and neither deer suffered any injury. Officials are not sure where the deer came from, but suspect they had swum from New Jersey.

Even those who embrace the idea of New York as a thriving natural ecosystem usually consider its fauna to be of the smaller variety. Rats, squirrels, a myriad of bird species, and the occasional raccoon would hardly shock borough residents, but the city is facing an influx of larger animals as well. And their adventures do not always end happily; one of the wild beasties captured by the police was tragically found dead the next day from causes unknown. Another deer, uninvolved in the earlier incident, died on the same bridge after trying to squeeze through the railings that flank the roadway.

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