Your New House Straight From the Recycling Bin

Did you know that the recycling bin beside your desk could one day become your next house?

Well, not quite yet.  But the future for plastic lumber is endless and could one day be included in the production of homes.

According to Forbes, recent technological advances have made it possible to create lumber from recycled plastic such as plastic bags.  The future of plastic lumber could not only create another use for recycled plastics, but could also reduce the use of trees for traditional lumber.

There is a lot of big business related to recycling plastics, Forbes said.  In addition to recycling on the consumer level, there is also a lot of possibility for industrial recycling for plastics.  This big business is related to the possibility for recycled plastics such as plastic lumber among many other reuses for plastic.

Recycling plastics could not only help the environment, but could also help those who plan to invest in it.

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