NYPL Sponsors Green Programs

Look! NYPL reusable bags!

I took the kids that I babysit to the Seward Park library on the Lower East Side yesterday. As we were checking out our books, I saw a flier for upcoming community programs sponsored by the New York Public Library Seward Park Branch all about eco-friendly things.

There are programs about carnivorous plantshydroponics, organic farming, and even urban gardening!

The ages for these particular programs are 12-18, perfect for getting the youth of the City informed and interested in a greener NYC. Look at the full calendar of events here!

In March, the NYPL opened it’s first ‘green’ branch in Battery Park City. The NYPL first green Library branch!

According to Gothamist.com here are some of the green aspects to the library:

  • An efficient technologically advanced low-energy heating/cooling system
  • Low-flow sanitary fixtures which reduce water consumption
  • Low-energy lighting system
  • Use of recycled and renewable building materials including a wood floor constructed with off-cuts from window frame manufacture, carpets constructed from old truck tires, millwork made from recycled cardboard composite, and terrazzo with recycled glass and mirror aggregate
  • The inclusion of a dedicated area for the collection and storage of all recyclable materials accumulated during the day to day operations of the branch
  • Use of a large number of the products that are low emitting in order to help the overall indoor air quality

So next time you need to do some green research, stop by the Battery Park City branch and take a look at a library of the future!


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