Cute of the Day: Real Live Firefoxes

From Gawker:

Did you know the titular “firefox” of web browser “Mozilla Firefox” is not a pyromaniac fox, but a red panda? To clarify this, Mozilla has embarked on the cutest marketing ploy ever: adopting baby firefoxes and putting them on webcams. 

Firefox LIVE features six cams trained on two female red panda cubs, their parents, and their aunt, all of which live at the Knoxville Zoo and with sponsorship from Mozilla.

Firefox LIVE also has cub naming contest […] and a clever marketing ploy: If enough people download Firefox 4, the baby firefoxes get a treat. They are currently 56% of their way to earning a jungle gym.

I’m a Chrome user myself, but that doesn’t mean I won’t meander over to the Cub Cam every now and then to witness some red panda cuteness.


About Samantha Ku

Samantha is a journalism and French major at NYU.
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