Give the Gift of Recycling this Holiday Season

The Holiday Season is just around the corner and due to the stress of finding your loved ones the perfect gifts, the process of wrapping those gifts with eco-friendly paper is often overlooked.

Thanks to the website, “The daily green,” selecting a recycled wrapping paper is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4.

Option 1 of daily green’s “Alternative gift wrapping ideas” list is from the website “Of the Earth.”

50% of this paper was recycled from fibers of the Himalayan lokta bush

The fiber keeps paper strong enough to be reused, making this a doubly sustainable choice. Holiday papers also come with embedded wildflower seeds for springtime planting ($3.78 per 20×30-inch sheet)

Option 2 of alternative gifts is from the “Fish Lips Paper Designs.” website. This specific picture is wrapping paper that was made from 50% recycled consumer material designed with soy based ink.

Option 3, why not re-use a fabric gift bag? These bags are cute, classy, and uncountably re-usable. Browse through the Lucky Crow site and pick your favorite.

Just a few of the many cute "Lucky Crow" fabric gift bags

Option 4 lets you to get in touch with your crafty side.

Who says you have to buy paper, anyway? The Daily Green shows you how to use newspaper, takeout menus, bags and, yes, even Jello boxes.

Jello Wrapping Paper

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