Food Stories

The Harvestmark logo created from 40,000 cherry tomatoes.

Have you ever wondered where the grapes you had for a snack this afternoon were grown? What about those tomatoes that you chopped up into your salad? Were they grown in California or Chile? Harvestmark helps make the connection between “farm to fork”.

From photos of the farm where the food was grown to it’s physical journey to your local food store, Harvestmark aggregates the data for consumers and creates a simple bar code to place on the back of the food packaging. Upon purchasing said food, you can scan it with your smartphone or go online to learn who grew your bananas, pumpkin, or watermelon! Next time you go to buy produce, look for the Harvestmark bar code and trace your food back to its origins. You might be surprised to find out where it started!

Watch this video to learn more about the importance of traceable food!


About Emily Adaire

Professional book reader, child chaser, animal lover and cookie taster.
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