How “Walkable” Is Your Neighborhood?

Huffington Post just published this interesting story. A new site called Walk Score just popped up. Not only has it rated our country’s cities based on how “walkable” they are (i.e. can you run your errands without the use of an automobile), it can also calculate how walkable any given neighborhood is. Let’s take a test drive.

I entered my Little Italy address. It got a perfect 1oo, a “walker’s paradise.” This means that everything I need is just a walking distance away. They list the nearest grocery (Mon Fung Co.), the nearest bar (Mulberry Street Bar), the nearest restaurant (Nyonya–conveniently right below my apartment) as well as coffee shop, bookstore and Post Office.

Little Italy getting a 100 is no surprise. I mean, I do walk everywhere. Let’s try my hometown address in St. Louis, Missouri. Now this is somewhat surprising. It scored an 88 on the scale, “very walkable.” When I’m home, I drive absolutely everywhere. I’m convinced that I need to. According to Walk Score, everything I need is less than 1 mile away–actually, less than .5 miles away. I guess it’s time to rethink some things…

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