Haute Couture Recycling

Most people are familiar with traditional recycling methods, but if you need a reminder listen to eco-friendly musician Jack Johnson’s song The 3 R’s or watch the following video:

Now that we are armed with the knowledge of reducing, reusing and recycling, how can we apply that to our daily lives? We know to separate bottles and cans, take our canvas bags to the grocery store, and to use reusable water bottles.

However, what happens to some of the other goods, like clothing, that we throw out? Every four months or so, you dig through your closets, making room for recent seasonal purchases, and purge the things that are too small, too dirty, or too out of style. Hopefully, you don’t just throw them away. Maybe you give them to a sibling, neighbor, or friend. If you don’t though and have ever wondered what to do with old clothing or textiles, a New York City clothing recycling company called Wearable Collections is here to help.

With locations in 125 buildings in Manhattan and 9 green markets around the City, this company takes your worn clothing, shoes, hats, and even other textiles like linens and handbags, and sells them to third party vendors who then recycle the goods in various ways. It gets even better because the money gained from the clothing sale is then redistributed to various charities around the world. Watch this video to learn more about Wearable Collections:

So rethink what you do with that old sweatshirt or pair of jeans that have seen better days. Drop them off at a Wearable Collection bin (there is one right in Union Square on Saturdays!) and leave knowing that you helped the earth in more ways then one!


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