In Honor of Halloween

Because today’s Halloween, and one of the only days of the year people can justify dressing up as their favorite Jersey Shore or True Blood character, I thought I’d take a look back on how this tradition got started.

Halloween, or as the 9th century Irish originators called it, Samhain “summer’s end” was an ancient Celtic fire festival that represented the change in seasons, and made way for the darker, un-green half of the year. They believed that as the ground began to die, the ghosts and dead spirits would rise out of the earth to make their presence known. People would dress in costumes, and build fires to scare the ghosts away.

Turnips and potatoes were carved before pumpkins, but when Irish immigrants moved to America they found that pumpkins were more resourceful and easier to access.

A little more about Pumpkins can be learned from the history channel by watching this informative video.

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