What’s new for Thanksgiving dinner

On the heels of this summer’s 400-goose massacre in Prospect Park, Slow Food NYC is offering a workshop on how to cook geese, reported the NY Times ‘City Room’ blog:

“I saw people saying you can’t eat them, and I knew that wasn’t true,” he said. Canada geese, Mr. Landers said, taste better than most species of duck. Their diets are more consistent. “They’re herbivores, grazers,” he said. “In Prospect Park they’re eating mown grass.”


About Samantha Ku

Samantha is a journalism and French major at NYU.
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One Response to What’s new for Thanksgiving dinner

  1. Kaitlyn B. says:

    I think I need a change from the typical turkey Thanksgiving Dinner. May have to give this a try.

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