Photographic Evidence That The Sky Is/Was Falling


photo via Getty Images

Last night, while suffering through the 90210 reboot with my roommate, we heard a strange sound. Kind of like the refrigerator was running, or the air conditioner had a pebble in it or something. We checked both, and found nothing.

Then I looked outside, and realized that within the past ten minutes the night had gone from fair to satanic – the sound was hail smashing against our window.

I felt bad for our other roommate, who had just left the library to come home and was thus being pelted in the face by ice. But I didn’t realize how crazy it was until I saw this picture, which apparently documents the aftermath of the storm in Brooklyn.

I’m from the Midwest, where hailstorms are commonplace, but this was a crazy surprise. It almost made the 90210 viewing experience exciting. Almost.


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