A sustainable city in the middle of the desert

Duncan Chard for The New York Times

The New York Times covered Abu Dhabi’s futuristic new “zero-carbon city” complex, which the architect describes as feeling like Disneyland. Only electric cars will be allowed inside the compound, and 90 percent of the energy used will be solar. One of the most mind-blowing features is a series of wind tunnels that funnel air down to street level to make it feel up to 70 degrees cooler, which sounds less ridiculous in a region where the air can feel as hot as 150 degrees. The first phase of construction started a couple weeks ago.

I thought it was really interesting that the author presented the concept as a response to the looming threat of running out of oil in a region where it’s oil that makes such ambitious architectural projects possible.

You can visit Masdar City’s website here.


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Samantha is a journalism and French major at NYU.
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One Response to A sustainable city in the middle of the desert

  1. Kurt Yalcin says:

    there’s definitely a weird dichotomy of an oil-rich country being the forefront of environmental design…

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