Something’s shrimpy…

It seems these days New York City is running into BIG, small critter issues. What with bed bugs and the possible invasion stink bugs, the big apple is being over run by small things. And while we are speaking of clean water from our city’s tap [Samantha posted further down], I was wondering if you guys heard about the critters they found in New York City tap water. I remember reading about this story in early September and figured The Urban Nature Files is just the place for a discussion of the itty-bitty microscopic shrimp they have found in our drinking water.

Photo of copepod Eudiaptomus vulgaris from Wikimedia Commons

The tiny bugger’s are called “copepods,” and rightly so. Apparently we don’t have to worry because our bodies can copy with these tiny shrimp. The “copepods” eat mosquito larvae, so they help to keep our water super clean…despite the fact that they are in it, of course. But who doesn’t like a good cocktail sauce dipper.

Peel some more information out of these stories:

-“You Swallow These Invisible Shrimp With Every Gulp of NYC Tap Water“, gizmodo.

-“What makes New York Yap Water So Special? Tiny, Invisible Shrimp“, nymag

-“Shrimp in drinking water are microscopic and harmless, blog.nationalgeographic


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A senior at New York University. Born and raised in charm city, Baltimore
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