NYC vs. The Wild

Many people see NYC as the epitome of urbanization; a place where concrete replaces grass and skyscrapers instead of trees provide shade. Nature was pushed out and civilization settled in…or so we thought. It’s hard to accept nature’s absence when in fact it’s all around. Two days ago as I went to remove Blood Diamond from my DVD case for my viewing pleasure, a cockroach no bigger than bottle cap scurried out from underneath. I automatically let out a small yelp and proceeded to squash it with my shoe. At first I felt pretty accomplished at having vanquished the little intruder from my living space, but then a feeling of sadness took over; he was only trying to survive, but unfortunately the fact of the matter is I’m not about to share my apartment with cockroaches. The little guy’s death wasn’t for nothing though, it helped me realize that no matter how hard we try to keep it out, nature will always find a way in. We see it not only with the critters that surprise us in our apartments, but also with the mice and rats that scurry around the city and the plants that make their way through the cracks of our NYC sidewalks. I guess nature isn’t as far I once thought it was.

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