Urban edibles

It was 10 years ago that our fearless leader profiled Wild Man Steve Brill, but as my classmates proved this weekend in Central Park and on this blog, urban foraging is alive and well in New York City. With the damp weather recently, mushrooms have been especially abundant.

The City Room blog at the NY Times also covered the phenomenon this past Saturday. With Ava “Forager Girl” Chin’s tips, you too can become an amateur mycologist. I’m intrigued by the giant puffball, which reportedly grows to the size of a soccer ball. But beware! Many of these fungal varieties can be easily mistaken for their poisonous brethren, or found dancing in Fantasia.

Read more of Chin’s “Urban Forager” columns for City Room here.


About Samantha Ku

Samantha is a journalism and French major at NYU.
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