10:10, Too Much?

Am I the only one that doesn’t get British humor? As the New York Times reported earlier today, the well-known (and previously well-respected) British environmental advocacy group 10:10 removed a video they posted on their website. The cause? Wait until 1:17, and you’ll find out. (Warning: involves British school-children refusing to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions).

The video clearly goes too far. It was immediately blasted by the media and fellow advocacy groups and was subsequently removed. According to the Times article mentioned above, 10:10 seems sort of shocked that the reaction was so negative. I’m confused, did they think we’d like watching little Philip and sweet Tracy getting blown up?

I think the take-away message on this one is clear. Many people see advocacy groups such as 10:10 as too radical, the methods to extreme. I’m not suggesting that the protection of the environment isn’t a worthy cause, but it might be helpful for radical groups to go mainstream and leave Philip and Tracy out of it.

It’s hard enough to gather support as it is.

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One Response to 10:10, Too Much?

  1. Kurt Yalcin says:

    oh. my. god.

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