NYC Marathon: dad version

For many NYUers, a visit from the parents is a weekend of good food, new items of clothing here and there, perhaps a Broadway show, maybe a visit to that MOMA exhibit you wouldn’t see otherwise, cabs instead of subways and leaving your wallet back home. Parental breaks are all about relaxing.

Well, when my father visits New York—weekends I like to call boot camp getaways—there’s good food and all that stuff, but it’ mostly all about zero relaxation. At least not in the hanging-out, taking it slow type of way.

Example: last Saturday at 8 a.m. sharp my dad and I embarked on a walk uptown from my apartment on 10th street. We crossed over to the very west side of Manhattan to check out High Line Park. We entered on 14th and made our way to 20th street where we descended and started our marathon up north.

At 59th street we walked back to the east side and entered the ever-glorious Central Park. Our trail in the park was mostly delineated by whatever shade we could find because, mind you, it was already 78 degrees at 9 a.m. At 72th street we left the park and made our way to Riverside Park where I declared that once I make enough money (if I ever do) I will be moving to the Upper West side.

Except for a two minute break to buy some water, our epic walk had no breaks.

We finally reached our goal: Columbia University—my dad’s alma mater– on 116th street at 10:45 a.m. While he reminisced about the “better days at New York’s best university”, I sat in the green lawn contemplating how to break it to him that I’m going to be the one visiting for Thanksgiving.

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