Homemade Crayons

Recycled crayons cool in a muffin tin.

I work in a kindergarten classroom on the Lower East Side that goes through crayons like college students go through coffee.

During the students free playtime the other day, I decided to weed through their old stash of coloring devices.

As I was about to chuck about three pounds of colored wax, I remembered that they can be recycled and made into new ones.

As you can see, not all of the crayons completely melted.

Here is the site for the ‘recipe’ that I used to make the crayons. and some photos of the reused crayons. Be sure to coat your muffin tin with cooking spray or else the crayons will stick inside the tin. Cupcake liners may also be used to get the crayons out quickly.

Next time you encounter some broken and seemingly useless crayons, turn them into something new and donate them to a classroom in a nearby school that could use another art tool!

Crayon mosaic


About Emily Adaire

Professional book reader, child chaser, animal lover and cookie taster.
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